Split w/ Inh Halentropy

by Dull Knife

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released May 1, 2010

artwork by Tim Z

Garek Druss: synth, turntable
Adam Svenson: bass, Casio

Originally released as a split CDR with Inh Halentropy on Metalhead Mind Control

"Dull Knife are undeterred, and offer up their own sort of creepy ambience, deep warped low end tones, unfurling grimly in an expanse of muted buzz and crumbling distortion, reminding us quite a bit of Trollmann, in its minimal low end heaviness, over the course of the track, the low end grows more abrasive, and more active, fluctuating more wildly, like some weirdly distorted symphony for foghorn and black buzz. The second DK track's another bleak bit of minimal grimness, this time even more harrowingly dense, the sounds thick and corrosive, the swells coming faster and faster, eventually blurring into a single oozing slab of blackdrone, shot through with shards of crunch and strange bits of glitch. Wow."
-Aquarius Records

Limited physical copies still available at Aquarius Records...




Dull Knife Seattle, Washington


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